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Graphics, Photography and Website DesignWeb designs starting from under $1000.

 Opalake Design are a Queensland, web design and development business offering:

  • Making movies from photographs
  • Making collages and montages
  • Newsletters, flyers and brochures
  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Hosting solutions


Internet Expert Witness

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Dr Warren Toomey

Company: Opalake Design
Professional Description: Assistant Professor, Bond University (Ph.D, CCNA, CCAI)
Qualifications: Ph.D in Computer Science (UNSW)
Details: I have expert credentials in several IT fields including Internet technologies, network congestion, network security, Open Source technologies and licenses, UNIX and UNIX History.

Previous expert witness work includes a New Zealand High Court case involving two ISPs, and research into leading-edge Unix technology for the on-going SCO vs. IBM lawsuit in the United States.

Training/Trainer: CCNA, CCAI
Membership: AUUG

Address: PO Box 4210, Elanora QLD 4221
Mobile: 0413 336 944 Fax: 07 5595 3320
Email:info info@opalake.com.au